We create web and Desktop Aplication

for your work activity that communicates, connects and engages anything

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Website & Desktop Aplication

Need your business growth with easy, simple, remote and view from anywhere, from your desktop till around of the world, sure we can do it for you with our best aplication developer team

Server, PC & IT Service Provider

With many year experience for IT and Hardware Service specialist, of course we can provide you business need for Hardware and workstation environment, from simple desktop aplication to hardworking data center, database, e-mail or even dynamic website workstation.

IT Consultant

Let your business running and growth when our team doing the best you need for IT solution and mainatenance without downtime.

CCTV & Camera Surveilance

Security view from anywhere, with CCTV you can do it

About Us

We are IT system and infrastructure provider, our main field is software development and hardware supplier. The company starting in early 2008 and goes to inovating with add more service on desktop or web software for many corporates activity, like company profile, web based administration system etc.

Our concern is to give our customer satisfaction service and hardware supplier, on our main field business. to make the job is easy and fast from anywhere around the worl.
Why customer choice us

Benefit to use our services

  • We do houte coutoure application

    From enterprise scale company and SMB aplicatian, like school, hospital, goverment, and fabrication use our service , from hardware supplier and software to make they work easiest

  • Desktop and web or even both Service Software based provider

    The customer can choose, wheter desktop or web software activity, demanding on their need

  • Monitoring on 24/7/365

    Don't worry about our service, with our concern in IT solution, we can solve your problem with our fast response customer service